This service is the upgrade of the classic pedicure with addition of callus removal which will make your heels smoother. You will also have a chance to experience the amazing mineral mask with warm towel wrapping, which will make your skin even softer and smoother. You will also have about 8 minute leg massage.



This pedicure includes callus removal, nail shaping, filing, and cuticle maintenance. A hot stone massage will help relax the body's muscles and soft tissues and  improve circulation. Also included: mineral mask with warm towel and paraffin wax, sugar scrub to remove all dead skin. Includes 12 minute massage. Choose from 6 hot stone or 6 cold stone massage.



With fresh cucumber slough and oatmeal, rough areas of eh heels and balls of your feet will be softened. Callus removal is also our main focus. Hot stones will massage your calf. Finally a rich birch and mint lotion with a paraffin dip shall leave your feet ready for those silk sheets. Includes 8 minute feet & shoulder massage.



This treatment deeply soothes, nourishes and repairs sun damage to renew your skin's healthy, youthful texture and apprearance. Green tea, a natural antiseptic, regulates oil secretion and reduces pore size. Green Tea neutralizes free radicals and reverses sun damage. We creatively apply all these new products for amazing results. The treatment finishes with warm towels, paraffin wax, hot stone, special hot eucalyptus rub and a green tea iol massage. Includes 8 minute feet and should massage.



This treatment focuses on dry, neglected and dehydrated feet beginning with a combinationthat smooths and moisturizes tired feet. Honey has antioxidant properties which rejuvenates and protects your skin while it's hydrogen peroxide properties aid in cleaning. After your feet soak in a real milk bath they will be exfoliated in a sea salt scrub applied with honey. A mineral mask is used and with warm towels Honey cream lotion is used to massage your legs and feet. Finally you have callus removal, hot stone massage and paraffin dip revealed in the finishing touch with special hot eucalyptus rub. Includes 8 minute feet and shoulder massage.



Pearl spa is a finely milled powder from quality fresh water pearls. It is naturally compatible and easily absorbed by the skin and body proven safe to apply to skin directly. You will truly feel pampered with our ultimate pedicure service. We will replace all material with higher quality organic products. We will make this the most relaxing experience you have ever had. After the special service your calves will be wrapped with mineral mask. Followed with warm towel while your feet are soaked in paraffin wax. Your treatment will end with 10 minute feeet and shoulder massage.



This pedicure is very special on our tired neglected feet starting with a foot bath in antioxidant green lime, lemon, orange and rose. This is followed by an exfoliating dead sea salt scrub and all special tropical cream, lotion luxurious hot stone and callus removal. A layer of butter with cooling gel is applied and the feet are dipped in paraffin and wrapped. Mineral mask with warm towels and special hot eucalyptus rub, and also 10 minute feet and shoulder massage. Once your feet emerge they will be extra soft and will look younger.



 There are two components to Jelly Pedi. First is a powder that contains natural plant extracts and oils and when combined with warm water, transforms into translucent jelly within minutes. Jelly can soak exfoliate and massage in a tub full of jelly for a unique spa experience. Aloe Vera extracts, which is gentle enough for sensitive skin, acts as a burst of hydration for dry and tired skin. The bits of jelly work as a natural exfoliate while plant oils deeply moisturize skin. Jelly Pedicure applies with hot towel, callus removal. paraffin wax and hot stone. Includes 10 minute feet massage and 14 minute should massage.



The Lavender Pedicure utilizes Jelly Lavender Scrub designed to gently remove keratinized dead skin cells and calluses. The moisture mask softens the top layers of skin leaving a younger smoother skin with uniform pigmentation. The feet are then envoloped in a rich Lavender Buttern Cream that contains Shea Butter, Vitamin A, C, D and E for softer, silkier, smoother skin. Includes Hot Stone, warm towel and special hot eucalyptus rub. Also includes 10 minute feet massage and 14 minute shoulder massage.


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